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   The Whirly-Bird is an interactive toy that provides beneficial exercise for your cat. Designed to bring out your cat's natural instincts, the Whirly-Bird is handmade of real feathers and durable foam. It is attached to a 3 foot braided line connected to a sectional pole. When you move the pole, the feather toy whirls through the air mimicking the sound and action of a real bird!
The Whirly-Bird has been on the market since 1989 and was designed for our own cats. We believe our Whirly-Bird to be "THE ORIGINAL TOY OF THIS TYPE". Similar products being imported all were introduced AFTER the Whirly-Bird came on the market. As our customers have stated, "their cats prefer the WHIRLY-BIRD!"
We guarantee that your cat will not be able to resist the Whirly-Bird cat toy. Many hours of testing with our own cats went into developing this toy to find the perfect ingredients! We have tested it on kittens as well as oldsters, and found that it will bring out the natural instincts in all.
This toy is healthy as well as fun. It provides needed exercise for your cat, particularly overweight or indoor cats. Cats think this is a real bird, and can become very aggressive with it when their natural instincts take over. The real fun is in the pursuit of the Whirly-Bird!
Each Whirly-Bird is HANDMADE with durable products built to last. The real sanitized feathers are from poultry processed for food. The base of the Whirly-Bird is made of soft foam that will not harm your cat's nose if he is accidentally hit like those of the hard body competitor's..
The Whirly-Bird is a fun, healthy, safe and durable exercise toy that you and your cat will enjoy for hours!

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